E-100 2024 – ASEM

E-100 2024: Sequoia Connect and the Recognition of Entrepreneurial Leadership After an intense voting period with over 5,000 votes, the ASEM entrepreneurial community selected our CEO, Guillermo Pérez, to be […]

Leadership Development in the Digital Era

Advancements in technology have introduced new job opportunities where in-person work is no longer the only employment option. As a result, the way organizations operate has changed, and leadership development […]

Strategies to Attract Global Talent

In today’s highly competitive and ever-changing job market, having strategies to attract global talent is essential for achieving business objectives and driving organizational growth. The most talented global employees tend […]

Innovation in Information Technology

To better understand what innovation in information technology is, it’s important to know that innovation refers to a set of activities that lead us to create new tools or functions, […]

Types of interviews for IT Professionals  

Job interviews allow recruiters to delve into candidates’ professional and academic aspects, as well as analyze their skills and characteristics for specific positions. However, these interviews have evolved over time, […]

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